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Jericho's Den

  NYC Feet and Tickle Site

Welcome to Jericho's Den

Jericho's Den, the HOTTEST spot in New York City for foot fetish, tickle torture and different kinds of kinks

Welcome to the den, this is Jericho here. We feature a wide array of fun and exciting kinks and fetish play for young and unsuspecting guys of color to experience and partake, whether it be G-rated of XXX. What we specialize in:


-Tickle Torture


-Foot Fetish


-Cum Control


Anything that comes to mind or what the 'visitors' would wanna try out and experience, the den has it all. G-rated tickle torture endurance sessions test out how long a guy can last before he fully break down and pleads for it all to stop. XXX tests out a guy's limits on what his dick can handle before he shoots his load, and after he shoot. Jericho's Den has everything you could ask for in tickling and feet altogether, be it they are black, Asian, latino, indian or white. Come watch guys get tickled, jerked off, and have their limits pushed.


Like what you see? Join the den now and buy off our store, easy to reach via the store front button to the right. 2 and 3 minute previews can be sampled on our facebook page. Looking to be a participant at the den? Respond to the contact form and we will get in touch with ya.